Notes on Climate Change

WEM ‘s fresh & dynamic work on Cli­mate Change has been for­mally rec­og­nized as a “sig­nif­i­cant con­tri­bu­tion” by the Cal­i­for­nia Pub­lic Util­i­ties Com­mis­sion,  we are one of only 4 or 5 pub­lic inter­est rep­re­sen­ta­tives in Energy Effi­ciency & Power Pro­cure­ment Pro­ceed­ings.

WEM also helps develop local clean energy plans for Com­mu­nity Choice juris­dic­tions, & orga­nized grass­roots sup­port for Marin Clean Energy, the Com­mu­nity Choice pro­gram of Marin County, CA “went live”  June 2010. The progress of Com­mu­nity Choice is doc­u­mented in WEM’s Press News and Video News.

  • WEM’s rec­om­men­da­tions in the 2011 Green­house Gas Proceeding
  • Cap-and-Trade?
    Annie Leonard’s car­toon, The Story of Cap & Trade, Why you can’t solve prob­lems with the think­ing that cre­ated them
  • WEM Sol­stice Let­ter 2010
    Approach­ing Birth of Local Clean Energy Program

    Our incum­bent util­ity is furi­ously pulling out all the stops…“
    “Our very own community-based, non-profit, pub­lic option for clean, healthy, afford­able energy — Marin Clean Energy (MCE) is about to be born”

  • It’s the Sys­tem Stu­pid
    “The Rag­narok of glob­al­ized cor­po­rate cap­i­tal­ism & the rise of the plan­e­tar­ian par­a­digm” by James Hed­dle
  • Video Reports from the Eco­log­i­cal Options Net­work
    Video­g­ra­phers Mary Beth Bran­gan & James Hed­dle of Eco­log­i­cal Options Net­worktrav­eled to Copen­hagen to pro­vide us with an extra­or­di­nary series of documentaries

    James Hed­dle on his extra­or­di­nary series of doc­u­men­taries:
    “We have focused our efforts on doc­u­ment­ing events at the alter­nate venues of the Kli­mafo­rum 09 & Christiania’s ‘Cli­mate Bot­tom’ con­fer­ences, where hun­dreds of activists & pro­gres­sive thought lead­ers con­cen­trated on shar­ing solution-oriented analy­sis & orga­ni­za­tional strategies.…”

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