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Women's Energy Matters

WEM asks state to map solar for energy independence PG&E pretends it "can't know" where solar panels are located

Women's Energy Matters (WEM) announced that it is requesting CA energy agencies to require utilities to begin mapping solar and efficiency resources, because these are key to energy independence but are currently ignored in utility "demand forecasts." This is a serious barrier to cleaning up our energy system. For example, the Governor's plan for 12,000 MW of renewable 'distributed generation' would simply disappear. >>>


Nonnukes on Faults Coalition

In the midst of the ongoing nuclear disaster in Japan, & mindful of California's earthquake prone coast

the April Action Committee announced today that people will gather at the CPUC meeting on Thursday April 14 in San Francisco to demand the immediate phase-out of nuclear power in the state. The committee will hold a press conference on CPUC steps at noon. This action supports the citizens who are testifying in Sacramento today before the Senate Energy Committee hearing, "After Japan: Nuclear Power Plant Safety in California."



Women's Energy Matters

Should utilities get millions more profits for failed energy savings programs?

In its final meeting before Gov. Jerry Brown takes office and appoints two new Commissioners, the California Public Utilities Commission will vote whether to give utilities up to $77 million more "rewards" for energy efficiency programs that scored an "F" on their first-ever independent evaluations — and whether the "risk/reward" system will be extended, but with the "risk" of penalties removed. more >>>


CPUC Decision On Energy Efficiency Programs for 2010-12
Tries to Fix the Bleeding but Keeps Foxes & Wolves in Charge

PG&E’s EE lawyer Bill Miller, Feb. 28, 2008:“The kind of collaboration that's going to underlie success is absolutely unprecedented. You know, the fox, and the chicken, and the wolf, and the piglet all have to work together — in a way that they never have before — and it's really daunting us in terms of thinking how that could even happen.”


Key CPUC Decision Recognizes WEM’S impact on CA Energy policy strengthens role of clean energy advocates

A unanimous decision by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) recognized Women’s Energy Matters for its role as an effective advocate for “preferred resources” (energy efficiency, demand response,
renewables and cogeneration) in power purchasing by California’s investor-owned utilities.


Pacific Gas & Electric Beset by "Karma Troubles" Swami to Generate Laugh Power for Marin Clean Energy

"People think that PG&E will always be there to screw them," says Swami Beyondananda, the internationally-known "Cosmic Comic", "But enlightened beings know that everyone in the county can unscrew themselves by unplugging PG&E with Marin Clean Energy." 


6:30 PM: Berkeley Energy Commission Meeting, North Berkeley Senior Center, 1901 Hearst Avenue



Marin County Fair Threatens Women’s Energy Matters’ First Amendment Rights


Fairfax Town Council Votes To Take The Lead in Supporting Marin Clean Energy


Marin City Councils Begin Debating Community Choice Energy:
Dramatic Increase of Renewable Energy Responds to Climate Change


CPUC Proposes Big Bonuses to Utilities for D Minus Energy Savings



Women's Energy Matters Appeals CPUC's Wrongful Denial of Intervenor Compensation


San Francisco Supervisors Approve Plan to Leave PG&E Power System; Prepare To Launch Long-Awaited Innovative, Local Green Energy Plan

S.F. to build 50% renewable energy by 2017 - Community Choice Aggregation gaining momentum statewide



WEM Newsletter


Women's Energy Matters Appeals CPUC Decision Giving Control of Energy Efficiency to Utilities


Press Conference: Key State Energy Decision at CPUC this Week: Who Should Control $400 Million/yr of Ratepayer Funds for California's Energy Efficiency Programs?


Statewide Coalition Calls for CPUC to Endorse Fair, Effective, Independent Energy Efficiency System



Local Government, Environment, Consumer and Faith-Based Groups Unite to Support Independent Energy Efficiency System


Public Interest Advocates Present CPUC with 20 Reasons to End Utility Control of Conservation Programs


CPUC Affirms WEM's Analysis of San Francisco Peak Energy Pilot



Independents Challenge Utility Control of Conservation

All-Party Meeting Tues. 8/19, 10 am, CPUC Vote Thurs., 8/21/03, 10 am


Women's Energy Matters' Investigation of Energy Efficiency Programs Rings True with CPUC Judge



Historic Non-Utility Conservation Programs Finally Begin


Energy Commission Hears Women's Energy Matters Appeal; WEM Challenges Expedited 600 MW Hayward Power Plant


Utility Energy Efficiency Execs Get Cozy with Auditors at Sonoma Resort; PG&E Picks Up the Tab (with Ratepayer Money?)


CPUC May Make Big Changes in Energy Efficiency at 3/21 Meeting


Women's Energy Matters Challenges Utilities' Conservation Profits: Judge May Order Wider Investigation



CA Public Utilities Commission Challenges Utilities' Profits on Conservation

Administrative Law Judge Christine Walwyn demanded more evidence of energy efficiency results and a more thorough review of what the utilities did with the money. Commission President Loretta Lynch has acknowledged that the utilities have a conflict of interest with energy efficiency, since their biggest profits come from selling MORE, not less electricity. She has pledged to conduct open bidding for future programs.



CPUC votes 3-2 to force ratepayers to cough up another $68 million to “reward” utilities for “sub-par” energy efficiency programs

In a bitterly contested 3-2 decision, CPUC approved $68 million more profits for utilities for 2006-08 energy efficiency programs that scored an “F” on the first-ever independent evaluations, overseen by the CPUC’s own staff. The utilities already received $144 million ”interim rewards” for these programs in spite of early warnings that they were falling far short of their goals.


Should utilities get millions more profits for failed energy savings programs?

Two separate but related energy efficiency decisions are up for a vote by the CA Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) at its last 2010 meeting (9 am Thurs., Dec. 16, 505 Van Ness Ave., SF). Both involve utility profits (aka “shareholders incentives”) on energy efficiency (EE) programs. Women’s Energy Matters (WEM) opposed both measures and urges the Commission to hold them until the new Governor appoints two, possibly three Commissioners early next year. Send letter to commissioners >>>


Why WEM Opposed Prop 16

A Letter to Legislators: Stop PG&E Buying Votes with Efficiency Funds.

We enclose documentation regarding the misuse of energy efficiency funds by PG&E in its efforts to undermine Community Choice in Marin. >>> and Video Barbara George Comments >>>


Resolution E-4250

It would cancel the early opt-outs & prevent some of the worst anti-CCA marketing;CPUC is expected to approve.

PG&E's misuse of EE & solar funds to induce Novatio to stay out of the Marin Energy Authority is specifically mentioned in the Resolution >>> & WEM Video "PG&E tried to buy Novato" >>>


A Solstice Letter

Marin approaches birth of Local Clean Energy Program.

Our very own community-based, non-profit, public option for clean, healthy, affordable energy — Marin Clean Energy (MCE) is about to be born. >>>



Oppose Nukes/Fossil Fuels In Climate Bill Sponsored by SENS. KERRY AND GRAHAM. >>>


The proposed decision:

"...we will require utilities not to use energy efficiency funds in any way which would discourage or interfere with a local government’s efforts to consider or to become a Community Choice Aggregator."

WEM's argued that it is not nearly enough to tell them to stop, in light of the ballot initiative PG&E is funding. >>>


Utilities' $$millions bonuses

CPUC gave into the electrical utilities' demands for millions$$ in bonuses though the utilites missed their eneregy efficiency targets. Customers of PG&E, So Cal Gas, San Diego Gas & Electric, had their bills increase to pay for this. Put people in charge who really want to save energy! >>> and 4 relevant Videos >>>