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EnergyBiz.com: Bill Opalka

Clean Energy Standards to be Redefined - Renewable Portfolio Standard Dead, for now

Even renewable energy's back-up plan for federal support appears to be off the table. Expanding the definition to include nuclear and possibly carbon capture turns that into a clean energy standard (CES). The changeover in the U.S. House of Representatives from Republican to Democratic control will have numerous implications for renewable energy. The discussion was part of an election post-mortem webinar hosted by the law firm Chadbourne & Parke.


ABC7: San Francisco News

Pelosi announces opposition to Prop 16

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is against Proposition 16. Her chief of staff appeared at a news conference on the steps of city hall Sunday to announce her position.


California Progress Report: Paul Hogarth

PG&E Commits Facebook Identity Theft for Prop 16

I noticed that one of my friends on Facebook was a "fan" of Proposition 16 - PG&E's Monopoly Protection Act that is easily the worst measure on the June ballot. He expressed shock to even be on that page. Apparently, PG&E had added him on as a supporter without his consent.


Marin Independent Journal: Richard Halstead

Marin Clean Energy clears another hurdle
Facebook becomes Prop. 16 battlefield

The Marin Energy Authority cleared another financial hurdle to compete with PG & E, as it vies with the utility over soliciting customers & Proposition 16.


KHSL, Channel 12: Alan Marsden

Proposition 16: Is two-thirds too high a bar?

Editorials in newspapers around the state have come out against the ballot measure saying it would actually give customers less say about where their electricity comes from. Video report


ABC7: Mark Matthews

$30 group fights PG&E over Prop 16

David vGoliath over Proposition 16. That initiative would make it difficult to establish local power authorities like the one that has been formed in Marin County. PG&E is spending millions to get Prop 16 passed, but a group of Bay Area opponents has come up with a low-budget plan to defeat it. $35 million, a small army of political consultants, tons of television & radio advertising, in the other corner - nothing but ambition. Video report


Boulder Daily Camera: Laura Snider

Marin County presents possible model for beefing up clean energy in Boulder: Marin Energy Authority flipped switch on 78 percent renewables this month

It took eight years of tough political battles, but California's Marin County finally flipped the switch on its own energy authority two weeks ago, providing customers with electricity that's largely generated from renewable sources.


Marin Independent Journal: Richard Halstead

PG&E threatened with fines over Marin Clean Energy 'Opt out' letter

Marin Energy Authority managers said Friday they remain concerned about Pacific Gas and Electric's efforts to squash the Marin Clean Energy initiative, despite a threat by the California Public Utilities Commission to fine the investor-owned utility for its latest violation of state rules.


San Francisco Chronicle: David R. Baker

State threatens PG&E with fines for Marin letter

A letter that Pacific Gas and Electric Co. says it sent to Marin County residents by mistake last week briefly prompted California energy regulators to threaten the giant utility with fines.


San Francisco Chronicle: David R. Baker

Proposition 16 changes rules on public power

California has a long, expensive history of fighting over public power provided by government. Prop 16 would radically alter the rules of engagement. The ballot measure, funded to the tune of $35 million almost entirely by PG & E...


San Francisco Chronicle: David R. Baker

PG&E irks PUC over energy flap in Marin

California regulators on Monday bluntly warned Pacific Gas and Electric Co. that some of its actions to undermine Marin County's new public power program break state rules and must end - immediately.


Marin Independent Journal: Nels Johnson

Candidates differ on issues: Adams backs green power plan, Mazzoni calls venture risky

Supervisor Susan Adams and former Assemblywoman Kerry Mazzoni haven't found much to agree on in their race for the San Rafael area's seat on the Board of Supervisors.


Capitol Journal: George Skelton

Plugging in a monopoly PG & E is the sole contributor to -- and the main beneficiary of -- Prop. 16.

The most important thing to know about Proposition 16 on California's June ballot is that it was written and bankrolled by Pacific Gas & Electric Co. for the benefit of PG&E.


Marin Independent Journal: Editorial

PUC waited far too long to tell PG&E to back off

THE SCOLDING that Pacific Gas & Electric Co. just got for its over-the-top campaign urging Marin ratepayers to opt out of the new public power authority was much deserved, if overdue.


Geesman Blog: John Geesman

'We Are Appalled,' Declared CPUC About 2004 PG&E Executive Bonus Scandal -- 'Give It Back'

The lead sentence in last Friday's San Francisco Chronicle article hints at the dilemma Peter Darbee's political recklessness has created for his company & its heretofore guardian angels, the CPUC delivered a rare rebuke to PG&E, banning some of the hardball tactics the utility has used in its efforts to derail Marin County's new public power agency.


Sacramento Bee: Dan Morain

PG&E flips the switch on a ballot power play

It was an unhappy anniversary that passed without public fanfare. But nine years ago last week, Pacific Gas & Electric Co., ravaged by the energy crisis, plunged into bankruptcy.


Marin Independent Journal: Dick Spotswood

PG&E's new rates could help Marin green power

JUST WHEN some might be thinking of opting out of the new Marin Energy Authority, Pacific Gas and Electric does something so dumb that the quandary for consumers is more difficult than ever.


San Francisco Chronicle: David R. Baker

PG&E must stop threats to public power agencies

California energy regulators delivered a rare rebuke to Pacific Gas and Electric Co. on Thursday, banning some of the hardball tactics the utility has used in its efforts to derail Marin County's new public power agency.


ABC7 News KGO: Heather Ishimaru

CPUC reins in PG&E's advertising blitz in Marin

In Marin County PG&E is being told to back off. The California Public Utilities Commission is reigning in the utility's efforts to contact its customers there. Video version


SF Bay Guardian: Rebecca Bowe

When do we get to have a two-thirds approval vote on PG&E's rate hike?

The Chronicle's David Baker reported today that Pacific Gas & Electric Co. has proposed a new fee structure that would raise the average residential customer bill by $10.73 more each month, bringing it to a total of $88.13.


San Francisco Chronicle: Bob Egelko

S.F. sues over PG&E-backed ballot measure

San Francisco and a group of government-owned utilities from around California took their campaign against a Pacific Gas and Electric Co.-sponsored ballot measure to court Thursday, arguing that Proposition 16 is a power grab dressed up as an expansion of taxpayers' rights.


Marin Independent Journal: Richard Halstead

Marin energy battle plays out before state commission

A PG&E spokeswoman told the California Public Utilities Commission on Tuesday that the investor-owned utility is spending millions of dollars to pass Proposition 16 because it wants to protect California taxpayers.


San Francisco Chronicle: David R. Baker

PUC listens to Proposition 16 debate

Critics of a PG&E-backed ballot measure that would hamper public power efforts want California energy regulators to jump into the fray. At an unusual hearing of the California Public Utilities Commission, public officials and consumer advocates on Wednesday urged the commissioners to oppose Proposition 16.


ABC7 News KGO: Michael Finney

Some say Prop 16 is a power grab by PG&E

Depending on whom you believe, Proposition 16, a measure on the June ballot, is either a power grab by PG&E or an attempt to give voters more power. Video version


San Jose Mercury New: Dana Hull

Prop. 16, bankrolled by PG&E, subject of lively debate

Proposition 16, a statewide ballot initiative being bankrolled by PG&E, was the subject of a lively hearing Wednesday at the California Public Utilities Commission.


Marin Independent Journal: Richard Halstead

Coalition opposing Marin Clean energy has strong ties to PG&E

Five mailers sent to Marin residents opposing the Marin Clean Energy initiative bear the name of the Common Sense Coalition, but in fine print the mailers all state: "This information was provided by Coalition for Reliable and Affordable Electricity, a coalition that includes Pacific Gas and Electric Co.


San Francisco Chronicle: Bob Egelko

Chief justice says initiatives paralyze state

California Chief Justice Ronald George escalated his criticism of the state's initiative process Friday, saying unrestrained ballot-box lawmaking is paralyzing government. While nearly half the states allow voters to enact laws, "nowhere is the practice of government by voter initiative as extreme as it is in California," the state Supreme Court's leader said in a keynote speech of a Stanford Law School conference on state constitutions.


Pacific Sun: Jason Walsh

PG&E reaches agreement with MCE

Utility will deliver electricity for county clean-energy program


CA Progress Report: Brian Leubitz

The Chamber of Commerce Overlooks Prop 16's Massive Drafting Errors

John Geesman, a former California Energy Commissioner, has been tracking PG&E's naked power ploy, Prop 16, for a while now. You can find his writings at the PG&E Ballot Initiative Fact Sheet.  In a posting from yesterday, he tears into the California Chamber of Commerce for endorsing it. Apparently, the Cal Chamber hasn't bothered to read the measure before they just sorta agreed to do PG&E's bidding.  PG&E is, of course, a big contributor to the CalChamber.


Beyond Chron: Paul Hogarth

Prop 16 is Worst Measure on June Ballot

Every election cycle has an awful state ballot proposition, with plenty of corporate funding to fool voters. For the June primary, it's Prop 16 - a thinly veiled power grab by PG&E to shut down competition to keeps its monopoly. As more California cities consider providing their own energy through Community Choice Aggregation (CCA), PG&E feels threatened that consumers will finally have a choice.


Los Angeles Times: Michael Hiltzik

PG&E amps up bid for power

The utility's initiative has become Proposition 16, which is written broadly to apply to all public power systems. By undermining all competition from public power agencies, it will benefit no one except PG&E and other private utilities.


Sacramento News and Review

PG&E kicks reporter out of Prop 16 debate

I heard this crazy story... In a nutshell, local political consultant David Townsend-the man who got KJ elected mayor-agreed to a debate with state senator Mark Leno about the merits of Prop 16. That's the measure PG&E put on the June ballot to make it nearly impossible for public utilities like SMUD to start up or expand. The event was held at a meeting of the Northern California Power Association, which represents public power providers in California. (also see 02/03)


Marin Independent Journal: Richard Halstead

Marin Energy Authority OKs deal with Shell

The Marin Energy Authority board Thursday night unanimously approved a five-year contract with Shell Energy North America, a subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell, to supply it with the electricity it will need to compete with Pacific Gas & Electric Co. as a retailer of electricity in Marin.


The Manteca Bulletin: Dennis Wyatt

Why PG&E fears SSJID as well as Marin County

It is abundantly clear with each passing day that PG&E - a key player in plunging California into a downward spiral and helping set the stage for the recall of Gov. Gray Davis when it successfully greased politicians in Sacramento to deregulate power in the Golden State - never intended to play by the rules it helped create.


Greenwire: Debra Kahn

Bay Area county becomes state's first municipal wholesaler

SAN FRANCISCO -- Marin County officials voted unanimously yesterday to become California's first community choice power aggregator in the face of staunch opposition from Pacific Gas & Electric Co.


San Francisco Chronicle: David R. Baker

Marin County to provide power, oust PG&E

Marin County is poised to jump into the public power business, despite fierce opposition from Pacific Gas and Electric Co.


San Francisco Bay Guardian: Brady Welch

PG&E kicks press out of debate

It sounded like a great story: a representative of Pacific Gas and Electric Co. agreed to a public debate over the merits of a ballot initiative the company essentially had paid to place on the California ballot. The measure seeks to curtail public power and clean energy in the state. And so far, PG&E has been loathe to discuss it in any open forum.


San Jose Mercury News: Will Oremus

Palo Alto votes to oppose PG&E-backed ballot measure

What Pacific Gas & Electric calls the "Taxpayers Right to Vote Act," Palo Alto officials are calling a power play by the utility company to stifle competition from the public sector. The city council voted 9-0 Monday night to pass a resolution opposing Proposition 16...


San Francisco Bay Guardian: Rebecca Bowe

PG&E ballot initiative comes under scrutiny

Pacific Gas & Electric Company's statewide ballot initiative, which the utility calls The Taxpayer's Right to Vote Act, has attracted criticism in a few editorials since the company sank millions into gathering enough signatures to qualify it for the ballot.


Marin Independent Journal: Richard Halstead

Marin Energy Authority hashes out details of clean energy plan

Marin Energy Authority board members said Monday they plan to set their "light green" rates - which would provide electricity that is 25 percent from renewable sources - at the same cost that Pacific Gas and Electric Co. is charging.


San Jose Mercury News: Dana Hull

PG&E spending millions to block local utilities

PG&E is spending millions of dollars on a statewide initiative that would make it tougher for you to get your power from anyone else. The initiative, one of several appearing on the June 8 ballot, would require two-thirds approval from local voters before cities or counties could choose an alternate energy provider.


Marin Independent Journal: Brent Ainsworth

Ross backs out of Marin Energy Authority

Ross this week became the only Marin County municipality to reverse field & back out of the Marin Energy Authority, which plans to provide electric power from sustainable sources to county ratepayers by this summer.... Councilman Scot Hunter was the swing vote in a 3-2 decision to opt out of the new joint powers authority, which received an initial commitment from the town last year.


Marin Independent Journal: Richard Halstead

Marin Energy Authority considers discounts in return for loan guarantees

The county of Marin and the Marin Municipal Water District could get access to 100 percent renewable power at discounted prices in return for co-signing a $1.6 million loan enabling the Marin Clean Energy initiative to begin operations.


Marin Independent Journal: Brent Ainsworth

San Anselmo reaffirms vows to Marin Energy Authority

Jeff Kroot emphasized that he is a supporter of sustainability efforts - even saying he owns a hybrid vehicle - but then said he would vote to opt out of San Anselmo's commitment to the upstart Marin Energy Authority.


Marin Independent Journal: Richard Halstead

Marin DA seeking answers in grand jury whodunit

How did a copy of a civil grand jury report that slammed the Marin Energy Authority's plan to compete with Pacific Gas and Electric Co. got into the hands of PG&E and other critics before its official release last month.


Marin Independent Journal: Christian Goepel

Mill Valley on board with energy initiative

After a marathon public hearing that ended early Tuesday morning, the Mill Valley City Council reaffirmed its desire to remain involved with the Marin Clean Energy initiative.


Marin Independent Journal: Jennifer Upshaw Swartz

San Rafael remains in county energy alliance

The council unanimously reaffirmed its participation in Marin Clean Energy, an initiative of the Marin Energy Authority that would compete with Pacific Gas & Electric Co.



LA Times: Michael Hiltzik

PG&E ballot measure is a stealthy power play

The proposed Taxpayers Right to Vote Act illustrates what California's initiative process has come to. It's a plaything of powerful interests using deception to line their pockets.


The NY Times: Katharine Mieszkowski

New Group Seeks to Bring Greener Power

The Marin Energy Authority is the leading edge of a movement tailored to an environmentally conscious age & an environmentally conscious region. Through a form of public collective purchasing it plans to provide a greener alternative to the power from the Pacific Gas & Electric Company, Northern California's dominant utility.


Pacific Sun: Peter Seidman

Runaway Grand Jury?

Far from being a rational piece of reasoned investigation, the report is neither accurate nor fair, say Marin Community Energy proponents.


San Francisco Bay Guardian: Rebecca Bowe

"Hit job" on Marin Clean Energy

In a report officially released yesterday, the Marin County Civil Grand Jury tore apart Marin Clean Energy, a community-choice aggregation program that is intended to reduce the region's greenhouse-gas emissions to address climate change.


Ross Valley Reporter: Kelly Dunleavy

Marin Clean Energy goes to towns for vote

The Marin Energy Authority (MEA), a joint powers authority formed last year, held a well-attended public workshop Nov. 23 to explain its pending effort to buy "green" electricity for Marin residents from companies other than current power supplier PG&E.


Marin Independent Journal: Shawn Marshall, Damon Connolly/Lew Tremaine

Energy independence for Marin

Unfortunately, the conversation has been reduced to the "lesser of two evils" in the world of fossil-based energy - PG&E vs Shell. This level of debate misses the larger point and diverts our attention from MEA's ultimate goal of providing local clean energy options for Marin residents and businesses.


Marin Independent Journal: Richard Halstead

Marin Energy Authority approves draft contract

Following a key vote Thursday night, the county of Marin and eight Marin municipalities have 90 days to decide whether to go forward with a plan to compete with Pacific Gas & Electric as a retailer of electricity in order to reduce Marin's greenhouse emissions.


Marin Independent Journal: Rob Rogers

Marin Community Foundation pledges $10 million to fight global warming

The foundation, which manages the $1 billion in assets of the Leonard and Beryl H. Buck Trust, will provide about $6.5 million for projects that make schools and other public buildings more energy-efficient.


Pacific Sun: Peter Seidman

Marin Energy's clean sweep

The offers are in--can Marin Clean Energy flip the green switch?


Marin Independent Journal: Richard Halstead

Supervisors loan Marin Energy Authority $210,000 to battle PG&E

Marin County supervisors agreed Tuesday to loan the Marin Energy Authority another $210,000 in its quest to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the county and compete with Pacific Gas and Electric Co.


Marin Independent Journal: Charles McGlashan

Misplaced fears about power agency

Some recent writers suggest that implementing Marin Clean Energy is too risky. I suggest we risk far more if we don't do everything we can to confront the threat of climate change.


Marin Independent Journal: Richard Halstead

PG&E fights Marin power push

Pacific Gas and Electric Co. is backing a ballot measure that would make it much tougher for government entities, such as the Marin Energy Authority, to compete with PG&E as a retailer of electricity.


Pacific Sun: Peter Seidman

Clean energy vs. dirty deeds

Here's how PG&E tries to pull the plug on public power plans


Bay Guardian: Rebecca Bowe

PG&E watch: The rate hike, the LNG pipeline and the $82 million corporate giveaway


Marin Independent Journal: Richard Halstead

A dozen companies submit bids to Marin Energy Authority

A dozen companies have submitted bids to the Marin Energy Authority to supply electricity and compete with Pacific Gas and Electric Co. to boost usage of renewable energy in the county.


Marin Independent Journal: Richard Halstead

County pushes on for 'clean energy'

The San Joaquin Valley Power Authority, a partial model for the Marin Energy Authority, has announced it will temporarily suspend efforts to compete with Pacific Gas and Electric by contracting with alternative electricity suppliers.


Marin Independent Journal: Jennifer Upshaw

Larkspur shuns Marin Energy Authority

Larkspur - the last city to consider joining the Marin Energy Authority - has rejected the offer to join the county-led collective, saying now is not the time for Marin to get into the energy business.


: Jennifer Upshaw

Corte Madera says 'no' to Marin Clean Energy initiative

The Corte Madera Town Council has passed up participation in the Marin Clean Energy initiative, saying joining at this time would be too costly.



Marin Independent Journal: Richard Halstead

Business group calls for vote on Marin Clean Energy plan as more cities show interest.

(The county and several cities have rejected this idea.)


Pacific Sun: TownSquare Forum

The Pacific Sun recaps the benefits of Marin Clean Energy and...

...the long process that convinced a majority of San Rafael councilmembers to vote for the program on the first round, December 1st. (Mayor Al Boro had to recuse himself because of investments in PG&E.)


Pacific Sun: Peter Seidman

Clean energy powers ahead

Novato only city that hasn't thrown on the switch to Joint Powers Authority...


KPIX, Channel 5, Bay Sunday: Sue Kwon

Barbara George from WEM discusses how Marin County choses green energy

Energy issues from a woman's point of view


Pacific Sun: Peter Seidman

Green, clean energy machine: Marin Clean Energy--it's more than a power play

The proposed joint powers authority that would constitute to form a Marin Clean Energy local power agency also could assume a role to help guide the county and Marin cities in efforts to cope with critical environmental issues.ommunity-choice aggregation program that is intended to reduce the region's greenhouse-gas emissions to address climate change.


ABC7 News KGO: Don Sanchez

Marin County Fair Kicks Out Green Group

A group promoting community choice energy were asked to leave the Green Fair


Ross Valley Reporter: Barbara George, WEM

PG&E Is Too Costly, Risky


San Francisco Chronicle: Katherine Ellison

Power grab in Hot Tubistan


Marin Independent Journal: Richard Halstead

Green power gets early nod from Fairfax Council


EnergyBiz: Barbara George

Guest Opinion: Women Designing Energy Policy


Pacific Sun: Peter Seidman

A push for energy independence

If CCA proponents have their way, Marin could turn the lights out on PG&E


Wall Street Journal: Rebecca Smith

Utilities Amp Up Push To Slash Energy Use

California Pays Bonuses For Reducing Demand;A Switch in Light Bulbs



California Energy Circuit: J.A. Savage

Juice: Intervention Preemption



California Energy Markets: Chris Raphael

Utility Shareholders May See Long-Overdue Energy-Efficiency Awards


San Jose Mercury News: John Woolfolk

Plan to let utilities steer conservation effort decried


California Energy Markets: Cassandra Sweet

CPUC Tackles Debate over Who Should Manage Energy-Efficiency Programs


California Energy Circuit: J.A. Savage

CPUC Prods Efficiency Proceedings



California Energy Circuit: Lisa Weinzimer

Accountability: The Third Rail of Energy-Efficiency Goals



California Energy Circuit: Elizabeth McCarthy

Non-Utilities Pleased with CPUC's Short-Term Energy-Efficiency Allocation, but Tug-of-War Continues


San Diego Union-Tribune: Craig D. Rose

California Utilities Lose Bid to Control Funds


California Energy Markets: Elizabeth McCarthy

Activists Claim Keeping Hunters Point Plant Open is Racist


San Francisco Bay Guardian: Matthew Hirsch

Still flawed

City delays power program after activists note it favors downtown without guaranteeing Hunters Point plant closure


California Energy Markets: Jason Mihos

AB 1734 Knocked Down


California Energy Markets: Jason Mihos

Stakeholders Grapple over Future of Energy-Efficiency Programs [re AB1734]


California Energy Markets: J.A. Savage

CPUC Earmarks $16 Million in Efficiency Trade-Offs for Hunters Point


San Francisco Bay Guardian: Editorial

A Bad PG&E Partnership


San Francisco Bay Guardian: Shadi Rahimi & Rachel Brahinsky

Power games

Why is S.F. letting PG&E grab $16 million in conservation funds?



San Francisco Weekly: Dog Bites: Jeremy Mullman

Charged Atmosphere * WEM provided background although not mentioned in the article