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LA Times: Michael Hiltzik

PG&E ballot measure is a stealthy power play

The proposed Taxpayers Right to Vote Act illustrates what California's initiative process has come to. It's a plaything of powerful interests using deception to line their pockets.


The NY Times: Katharine Mieszkowski

New Group Seeks to Bring Greener Power

The Marin Energy Authority is the leading edge of a movement tailored to an environmentally conscious age & an environmentally conscious region. Through a form of public collective purchasing it plans to provide a greener alternative to the power from the Pacific Gas & Electric Company, Northern California's dominant utility.


Pacific Sun: Peter Seidman

Runaway Grand Jury?

Far from being a rational piece of reasoned investigation, the report is neither accurate nor fair, say Marin Community Energy proponents.


San Francisco Bay Guardian: Rebecca Bowe

"Hit job" on Marin Clean Energy

In a report officially released yesterday, the Marin County Civil Grand Jury tore apart Marin Clean Energy, a community-choice aggregation program that is intended to reduce the region's greenhouse-gas emissions to address climate change.


Ross Valley Reporter: Kelly Dunleavy

Marin Clean Energy goes to towns for vote

The Marin Energy Authority (MEA), a joint powers authority formed last year, held a well-attended public workshop Nov. 23 to explain its pending effort to buy "green" electricity for Marin residents from companies other than current power supplier PG&E.


Marin Independent Journal: Shawn Marshall, Damon Connolly/Lew Tremaine

Energy independence for Marin

Unfortunately, the conversation has been reduced to the "lesser of two evils" in the world of fossil-based energy - PG&E vs Shell. This level of debate misses the larger point and diverts our attention from MEA's ultimate goal of providing local clean energy options for Marin residents and businesses.


Marin Independent Journal: Richard Halstead

Marin Energy Authority approves draft contract

Following a key vote Thursday night, the county of Marin and eight Marin municipalities have 90 days to decide whether to go forward with a plan to compete with Pacific Gas & Electric as a retailer of electricity in order to reduce Marin's greenhouse emissions.


Marin Independent Journal: Rob Rogers

Marin Community Foundation pledges $10 million to fight global warming

The foundation, which manages the $1 billion in assets of the Leonard and Beryl H. Buck Trust, will provide about $6.5 million for projects that make schools and other public buildings more energy-efficient.


Pacific Sun: Peter Seidman

Marin Energy's clean sweep

The offers are in--can Marin Clean Energy flip the green switch?


Marin Independent Journal: Richard Halstead

Supervisors loan Marin Energy Authority $210,000 to battle PG&E

Marin County supervisors agreed Tuesday to loan the Marin Energy Authority another $210,000 in its quest to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the county and compete with Pacific Gas and Electric Co.


Marin Independent Journal: Charles McGlashan

Misplaced fears about power agency

Some recent writers suggest that implementing Marin Clean Energy is too risky. I suggest we risk far more if we don't do everything we can to confront the threat of climate change.


Marin Independent Journal: Richard Halstead

PG&E fights Marin power push

Pacific Gas and Electric Co. is backing a ballot measure that would make it much tougher for government entities, such as the Marin Energy Authority, to compete with PG&E as a retailer of electricity.


Pacific Sun: Peter Seidman

Clean energy vs. dirty deeds

Here's how PG&E tries to pull the plug on public power plans


Bay Guardian: Rebecca Bowe

PG&E watch: The rate hike, the LNG pipeline and the $82 million corporate giveaway


Marin Independent Journal: Richard Halstead

A dozen companies submit bids to Marin Energy Authority

A dozen companies have submitted bids to the Marin Energy Authority to supply electricity and compete with Pacific Gas and Electric Co. to boost usage of renewable energy in the county.


Marin Independent Journal: Richard Halstead

County pushes on for 'clean energy'

The San Joaquin Valley Power Authority, a partial model for the Marin Energy Authority, has announced it will temporarily suspend efforts to compete with Pacific Gas and Electric by contracting with alternative electricity suppliers.


Marin Independent Journal: Jennifer Upshaw

Larkspur shuns Marin Energy Authority

Larkspur - the last city to consider joining the Marin Energy Authority - has rejected the offer to join the county-led collective, saying now is not the time for Marin to get into the energy business.


: Jennifer Upshaw

Corte Madera says 'no' to Marin Clean Energy initiative

The Corte Madera Town Council has passed up participation in the Marin Clean Energy initiative, saying joining at this time would be too costly.